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There is something about face-to-face interaction that is missing when communicating online. At least this is the impression people often have at the beginning. This missing piece is social presence also called immediate intimacy.

When talking face-to-face people send out signals that say “hey, I’m not just physically present, but I’m listening to you”. Smiles are invitations to continue talking. Hand gestures underline the message. All…

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As an educator and learning facilitator, I believe my work is done if I’m not needed anymore. If learners support each other, look for information and ask each other questions.

I was never a good student. Let me correct this. I achieved good grades but wasn’t the student who participated in class. I loved looking outside the window. I wasn’t made for school. But I followed social norms and went to university. A university without required lectures and with a…

This article started as a game. As I wasn’t sure what to write, I told myself that I take the first tweet by a woman and write about that. The first tweet was by Women Posting Their W’s about Sarafine Nance selection for participating in an analog Mars mission.

I have colleagues working on NASA funded research for the Mars mission. They focus on team research aka how to fly to Mars without killing your colleagues.

There is something magical about achieving something you always wanted. You feel like telling everyone. But what is behind this sharing of good information…

When was the last time you made a new friend?


I made three new good friends in the past 2 years. But that was easy for me. I uprooted the family, moved to a new place, and insert myself into new communities. Now that sounds easy, but it isn’t. One of my friends only lives down the road from us, but it took a pandemic for us to get to know each other.

Growing and shrinking friendship circles

Assuming you are using a social media site where your friends and followers are people you meet in real life you will see a number of…

“But, what’s the problem?” I ask. Not just once, but several times. The other sentence my students often hear me say is “But why?” They look at me puzzled, explaining the link between sharing knowledge and innovation, and how the team needs to interact and feel safe. While they talk I add arrows and boxes to their model. It’s more complicated now, but they are getting closer to what they actually want to measure: The ability to feel safe and speak up.

Useless Dashboards

For anyone working with data, it is easy to create a dashboard. Every chart speaks to us. Patterns…

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This is a fictional story of how covid-19 could change society. What futures do you imagine?

It has been two years now. I look outside the window. The wind sweeps over the meadow, further ahead the waves are crashing unto the beach trying to reclaim the bit of land that is there. The kids will have to clean up all the trash that the storm is bringing, I think. I select step outside in my virtual cafe and walk away from the computer, the small corner in this small house I call my queendom. It’s nothing more than a little…

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Around 30 days into the lock-down I got seriously annoyed at all the working-from-home-as-a-parent tips. A list of 20 tools you can use to entertain your kids or support their learning is just information overload. What should have been said on every article offering help, every tweet or podcast is:

Tell your boss that you will work less hours as you are at home with your children.

Yes, tell your supervisor that this is the reality on the ground. You can’t combine your normal work load with your new parenting load. …

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I’m speaking from the privileged position of a single mother of 4 young girls who has a well paid temporary position and who, since the death of her husband, considers the idea of permanence an illusion that you can embrace or brush aside.

What if large scale education is eliminated?

Large scale education, the format where several hundreds of students have to be in one place to listen to a professor talk is one form of education. I think it’s one of the worst way to transmit knowledge (As a disclaimer: I work at a university and teach online and offline). If students have access to the…

We constantly make decision. Most decisions are simple: What to eat, when to get up, what to wear. Other decisions are more complicated (where to travel to, where to live, should we accept a job offer).

Then there are organizational decisions: Decisions managers make. These have additional layers of complexity: organizational politics, a diverse range of stakeholders, lack of decision aids, incomplete information. Importantly, decisions that managers make do not only impact their work and their life, but have an impact on other people. …

When you are in the office you normally talk with those who are around you. As a human you are influenced by proximity, among other things. When individuals are working from home a number of things can happen:

  • Communication among employees focuses only on tasks. People will fail to build relationships with their colleagues and end up feeling like a bunch of strangers working on a random task.
  • People feel isolated and lonely, resulting in mental health problems, disengaged employees, and higher turnover.
  • Individuals with difficulty managing their workday or using technology will be left behind. Their productivity will drop.


Behind every problem is a web of connectors and links. I look for patterns and offer solution. — I’m also raising 4 humans: I know problems can be solved.

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