How to deal with lack of social presence

Option 1: Do not talk online

  • only co-located meetings
  • no email, go and talk with your colleagues
  • don’t text family and friends, go and visit them
  • don’t move far away from those you love and for sure do not move abroad
  • don’t use social media or WhatsApp or any other similar tool

Option 2: Replicate face-to-face settings

  • use virtual reality for all your online meetings
  • if virtual reality isn’t an option, use video meetings with everyone’s camera on

Option 3: Learn to be present online

  • audio (check out Yac)
  • video (check out Loom)
  • emojis
  • pictures
  • gifs
  • I’m glad to hear from you
  • I’m there for you
  • My DMs are open
  • I can help you with …
  • I heard you did ….



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